2018-19 NBA Predictions

The 2018-19 season is finally here and I'm the happiest guy in the world. I know (like most of the world) that we're headed towards Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers part V. What what, LeBron went where? The LAKERS? The East is LeBron free? Kawhi in the 6 with Drake? Philly has Joel and Ben. Boston has Ky, Gordon and the young boys. OH BOY!!! OMFG, after months of waiting, the NBA is back and yes, GSW are the favorites to 3 peat but you never know… or do you? Thank god that the NBA IS BACK!!! Here are my predictions, let me know your thoughts! 

2018-19 NBA Season.jpeg

Demo’s Top 20 NBA players (2018-19) 

  1. LeBron James

  2. Kevin Durant

  3. Anthony Davis

  4. Steph Curry

  5. James Harden

  6. Giannis Antetokounmpo

  7. Russell Westbrook

  8. Kawhi Leonard 

  9. Jimmy Butler

  10. Joel Embiid

  11. Paul George

  12. Chris Paul

  13. Karl Anthony Towns

  14. Victor Oladipo

  15. Nikola Jokic

  16. Kyrie Irving

  17. Damian Lillard

  18. Ben Simmons

  19. Rudy Gobert

  20. Klay Thompson 

Demo’s NBA Awards (2018-19)

MVP - LeBron James 

DPOY - Joel Embiid 

ROY - Luka Doncic

6th Man - Terry Rozier 

COY - Brad Stevens 

MIP - Jamal Murray

Demo’s All NBA 1st Team (2018-19)

Steph Curry

James Harden

LeBron James 

Kevin Durant 

Joel Embiid 

Demo’s All NBA 2nd Team (2018-19)

Kyrie Irving

Russell Westbrook

Kawhi Leonard 

Anthony Davis

Karl Anthony Towns

Demo’s All NBA 3rd Team (2018-19)

Chris Paul

Ben Simmons

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Paul George 

Rudy Gobert

Demo’s All NBA Rookie 1st Team

Collin Sexton

Luka Doncic

Kevin Knox

Jaren Jackson Jr. 

D’Andre Ayton

East Standings 

Boston Celtics

Philadelphia 76ers 

Toronto Raptors

Washington Wizards 

Milwaukee Bucks

Indiana Pacers

Miami Heat 

Detroit Pistons 

West Standings

Golden State Warriors 

Houston Rockets 

Utah Jazz

Oklahoma City Thunder

Los Angles Lakers

Denver Nuggets

Minnesota Timberwolves 

New Orleans Pelicans 

NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors over Boston Celtics in 6

NBA Awards Predictions (EOY)

  • MVP - James Harden
  • ROY - Ben Simmons
  • DPOY - Rudy Gobert
  • 6MOY - Lou Williams
  • MIP - Victor Oladipo

All NBA First Team

Damian Lillard
James Harden
Kevin Durant
LeBron James
Anthony Davis

All NBA Second Team

Steph Curry
Chirs Paul
Giannis Antetokounmpo
LaMarcus Aldridge
Joel Embiid

All NBA Third Team

Russell Westbrook
DeMar DeRozan
Jimmy Buttler
Paul George
Rudy Gobert

All NBA Defensive First Team

Jrue Holiday
Victor Oladipo
Paul George
Al Horford
Rudy Gobert

All NBA Rookie First Team

Ben Simmons
Donovan Mitchell
Jayson Tatum
Kyle Kuzma
Lauri Markkanen


2018 MLB Predictions

The AL

East  - Yankees
Central - Indians
West - Astros
WC - Red Sox
WC - Twins 

AL MVP – Mike Trout
AL ROY - Willie Calhoun
AL CY Young - Luis Severino
AL MOY  - Aaron Boone

ALCS: Yankees over Houston

The NL:

East - Nationals
Central - Cubs
West - Dodgers
WC - Brewers
WC – Cards

NLCS: Nationals over Cubs

NL MVP – Bryce Harper
NL ROY - Ronald Acuna
NL CY Young – Clayton Kershaw
NL MOY  - Mickey Callaway

World Series: Yankees over Nationals in 6