NBA Awards Predictions (EOY)

  • MVP - James Harden
  • ROY - Ben Simmons
  • DPOY - Rudy Gobert
  • 6MOY - Lou Williams
  • MIP - Victor Oladipo

All NBA First Team

Damian Lillard
James Harden
Kevin Durant
LeBron James
Anthony Davis

All NBA Second Team

Steph Curry
Chirs Paul
Giannis Antetokounmpo
LaMarcus Aldridge
Joel Embiid

All NBA Third Team

Russell Westbrook
DeMar DeRozan
Jimmy Buttler
Paul George
Rudy Gobert

All NBA Defensive First Team

Jrue Holiday
Victor Oladipo
Paul George
Al Horford
Rudy Gobert

All NBA Rookie First Team

Ben Simmons
Donovan Mitchell
Jayson Tatum
Kyle Kuzma
Lauri Markkanen


2018 MLB Predictions

The AL

East  - Yankees
Central - Indians
West - Astros
WC - Red Sox
WC - Twins 

AL MVP – Mike Trout
AL ROY - Willie Calhoun
AL CY Young - Luis Severino
AL MOY  - Aaron Boone

ALCS: Yankees over Houston

The NL:

East - Nationals
Central - Cubs
West - Dodgers
WC - Brewers
WC – Cards

NLCS: Nationals over Cubs

NL MVP – Bryce Harper
NL ROY - Ronald Acuna
NL CY Young – Clayton Kershaw
NL MOY  - Mickey Callaway

World Series: Yankees over Nationals in 6




Women! Wow. So incredible, powerful, forgiving, inspirational, loving, caring, and loyal. When I think of women I think of the backbone of our country, sacrifices, and life. 

When I think of women I think of my Mommy, Honey, Granny, Sissy, Mama T, Auntie Lisa, J, Lisa, Damn, many more aunts, cousins, nieces, friends and all around bosses. 

I get my personality from a woman. I can laugh through the pain because of a woman. I made it through hell and back because of a woman. 

March 8th is your day but let's be real, you run the world, every day, 366 in that leap year. Forever thankful for all of the women in my life. 

I love you all.