First and foremost, shout out to the Minnesota Twins for being the first team in the history to lose 100 games and then make the playoffs the following year. The Twins have a bright future ahead of them and I'm looking forward to Buxton, Sano and company for the years to come. 

Now that we got that ^ out of the way, I'm so happy that my New York Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins to advance to the ALDS. The game started off AWFUL, and my kid sister and I were pacing back in forth yelling and screaming and cursing. 

Didi then changed things with his 3 Run HR and the rest was history. BIG shout out to Green, Robertson, Kahnle and Chapman. Wow, what an incredible performance from our bullpen! 

Lastly, I won't lie, I thought that this post-Jeter rebuild was going to suck and I didn't think that we would make the playoffs for 1-2 seasons but Cashman and company have built a great team and I'm excited about the future. 

We have a tough matchup with Cleveland but anything is possible in October!!!